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Sample Songs

Please see the current selection in the side bar menu to the left of this page.

This menu links to samples of our songs from rehearsals, live shows and from DVD recordings of other shows we have performed in. .

Depending on your device, in some situation the songs play as soon as the page loads - we don't want this to happen so we have tried to give you play/pause control if we can.

The samples generally only contain parts of songs because of copyright restrictions, and they are intended as tasters of the full range, power, and professionalism that the Midland Voices Choirs can produce under their very capable M.D. Barry Todd.

some samples also show what fun we have rehearsing and learning the harmonies

Others include tasters of us singing with the fantastic Midland Voice Orchestra.

Public performance and broadcasting of any of these samples is not permitted.

Most samples are in what is called "MP3" format newer ones are in "MPEG-4 Audio" formats both are widely used and popular

Different devices and browsers work with different approaches to playing sounds over the internet so we offer you a number of options, click here please see if any work for you.

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