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"One more time"

Carol has written a most extraordinary song expressing her emotions resulting from Barry's critical illness in October 2013. This has now been arranged and orchestrated by Barry and recorded by Kirstie Bowie with beautiful Guitar solos from Carol's son Alex, and released on 5 April 2014 on Carol's Facebook page.The song is accompanied by a video with the words to the song, and personal photographs.

In Carol's own words:

"As most of you know, my husband suffered a near fatal aortic aneurysm 18 months ago. Seeing a loved one being kept alive by life support machines, not expecting them to live was for me the most harrowing experience of my life. Thankfully, after spending months in critical care, he began the slow road to recovery. Having seen how the power of music has helped him, I decided to write this song which describes my feelings during his time in a coma. This has helped me enormously to come to terms with everything.My sincere thanks go to Barry, Kirsty, my son Alex and Barry Walker, who spent many hours in the recording studio. For anybody going through the same ordeal, remember that where there is life, there is hope! I do hope some of the pictures do not offend anyone. If you can listen through headphones it sounds much better".

It was performed live by Kirstie with a full orchestral backing at the Musical Allsorts concert at the Warwick Arts Centre on 27 June 2015.

Listen to this extraordinary and moving song. This link will take you directly to the video to hear the song and watch the video along with all the lovely comments that Carol has received.

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